Foam Glass Insulation

Glass Foam Granulate

TECHNOpor is a glass foam granulate (foam glass, foam glass gravel, glass foam gravel). This is the ecological alternative for insulation to building floors.

TECHNOpor can also be used in the following areas:

Foundation material for light weight buildings
Floor slabs to industrial buildings
Road construction
Reducing lateral loading to basement walls and bridge abutments
Landscaping-contouring especially on industrial roofs

The properties of TECHNOpor are as follows:

Structural Ability
The lattice structure creates a high compressive strength of 500 kN/m².

The uniformed grain size and no fines create the highest degree of drainage capacity without causing settlement to the building or slab.

Meets the highest standards for inert building material. Leaching tests did not show any adverse effects.

Fire Resistance
In compliance with Euro Class A1 sintering point above 700°C. Due to the inert properties of glass boasted by the air filled pores TECHNOpor provides excellent fire protection by preventing thermal conductivity.

Neither humans nor the environment are affected by the processing or the finished product.

Capillary Action
The closed cells prevent soil moisture entering the structure.

Frost proof
Provides frost shield instead of a frost barrier. Can be placed in any weather conditions.

Easy to handle
The lightweight property makes TECHNOpor easy to handle without toxic effects.

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