Wind Turbines

Due to the fact that 40% of all wind energy generated over Europe blows over the UK, wind turbines are the most significant source of renewable energy produced in the UK. 

Although many people think of huge offshore wind farms when they first think of wind turbines, domestic-sized wind turbines are also available. They can be an excellent investment if you are looking to switch over to a renewable energy source that has the potential to reduce your energy cost while also being eco-friendly.

Wind turbines work by utilizing the power of the wind to create electricity in a residential or commercial setting. As the wind moves the blades round, they drive a turbine that produces electricity. 

Although a wind turbine generates more electricity when the wind is stronger and the blades spin faster, a wind turbine will still produce enough energy to fulfil an average home’s demands all year round.

There are two main types of domestic wind turbines:

  • Wind turbines that are freestanding and
  • Building-mounted wind turbines

Freestanding wind turbines are usually more effective and generate more energy than the alternatives. However, they are less suited to built-up, urban areas as they can dominate the horizon and may struggle to get planning permission in this setting. They are most effective when located in an exposed area, away from any obstacle that may block the wind.

Building-mounted wind turbines are a more suitable option for urban areas. Often installed on the roof of a building, these wind turbines are smaller, cheaper, and easier to install than the freestanding alternative.

Although there are strict criteria around where someone can install a wind turbine, if you meet these criteria, a wind turbine may be the perfect option for you to generate renewable energy to meet your property’s energy requirements all year round.