Hybrid Boilers

If you are looking to install an energy-efficient heating system that will reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, while also reducing your heating costs, then a hybrid boiler could be the perfect option for you.

Hybrid boilers combine a standard gas or oil burner with an environmentally friendly source of energy. Rather than being entirely dependant on burning fossil fuels to provide heat, a hybrid boiler will prioritize the use of renewable energy and only use gas when necessary.

This can dramatically reduce the amount of fossil fuel needed to provide heat to a building.

There are two eco-friendly energy systems that hybrid boilers commonly use:

Any time the hybrid boiler is needed, the heating system will automatically assess how much energy is required to fulfil the requirements and calculate the most energy-efficient way of providing that energy.

The hybrid boiler will always use the renewable energy source when possible, but any time the boiler cannot use the heat pump efficiently, there is a gas or oil burner available to complement the heat production.

Be aware that hybrid boilers should not be confused with combi boilers!

Although the names of the two types of boilers suggest they are both operating a duel system, only the hybrid boiler is designed with the intention of using an alternative source of energy.

A combi boiler is so-called because, rather than using two separate systems to provide heating, it combines the heating of the hot water and central heating system within a building. Most combi boilers use gas for fuel.

Although a hybrid boiler also provides heating, or cooling, within a building, it isn’t as dependant on fossil fuels to achieve this.

A hybrid boiler provides the best of both worlds in a combination that will always fulfil your heating, or cooling, requirements.